The Position Handover and Work Meeting of SEESPA 2022

Students of English Education Study Program Association (SEESPA) of Universitas Sriwijaya (Unsri) held its annual agenda which was The Position Handover and Work Meeting (Serah Terima Jabatan dan Rapat kerja) on Saturday, 12 March 2022. The agenda that was done semi-offline was held in the third floor of FKIP Ogan UNSRI. Around 59 participants attended offline, including the Coordinator of English Education Study Program, Hariswan Putera Jaya, S.Pd., M.Pd. who gave his speech during the opening ceremony.

Hariswan Putera Jaya, S.Pd., M.Pd., The Coordinator of English Education Study Program

He stated, “SEESPA is one corridor from our major to the faculty and to UNSRI. We are representing under a whole name, so please do present them wisely.”

He also conveyed in his opening remarks that being able to meet and attend offline was a gift that should we grateful that because of this pandemic things like this are very difficult to do. But he also hoped that this did not prevent us from pursuing knowledge.

Nova Lingga Pitaloka, S.Pd, M.Pd., The Supervisor of SEESPA Attended Online

Meanwhile the Supervisor of SEESPA, Nova Lingga Pitaloka, S.Pd, M.Pd. also attended and gave her speech through Zoom meeting. In her speech, she mentioned, “In an organisation, we need people who work cooperatively not individually.”

Besides the Coordinator and supervisor, the room was filled with the class of 2019, 2020 and 2021. Also attended the leader of BEM KM FKIP Unsri, Sendi Adi Pranata that stated, “Create the organisation as a self-developing platform.”

This agenda of The Position Handover and Work Meeting, the management of SEESPA was transferred from the class of 2019 (Kolaborasi Harmonis Cabinet) to the class of 2020 (Abhinaya Nawasena Cabinet). The first event was the Position Handover (Serah Terima Jabatan), which was a form of changing the old Management (2020-2021) to the new management (2022-2023) where the new management will be officially inaugurated and taken the oath.

The Elected Chief of SEESPA 2022-2023

The first oath was made by the Chief of SEESPA 2020-2021, Octavianus Prima, to the elected Chief of SEESPA 2022-2023 Aldi Pratama, followed by taking the oath by the elected Vice Chiefs 2022-2023, Tasya Aliyah Fathinah and Linia Srr by Aldi Pratama via online. After that, the oath was taken by the elected Secretary and elected Treasurer and the last was taking the oath by all the elected Daily Management Board. This event took place very solemnly and was witnessed directly by Hariswan Putera Jaya, S.Pd.,M.Pd. as the coordinator of the English education study program who was attended offline.

The Oath of the Management Board of SEESPA 2022-2023

After carrying out the handover, SEESPA UNSRI continued to hold Work Meeting (Rapat Kerja) which were discussed matters relating to the implementation of work programs in the future. In SEESPA UNSRI, there are 10 divisions, namely Komedinfo, Kerohanian, Sosmas, Advokesma, HI, KMB, Risil, Kestari, KWU and PSDM. The explanation of the work program starts from the ranks (Jajaran) of the Chief, Vice Chief, General Secretary and General Treasurer, followed by 10 divisions in turn. The provisions applied in the work programs were the time allotted for the ranks was 15 minutes and for each division was 10 minutes. Question and answer session was opened as well to discuss the implementation of work programs comprehensively.

Offline Participants at FKIP Ogan Hall

After the Work Meeting finished, the agenda was officially closed by the MC. This agenda was succesfully held with big enthusiast from all participants, both online and offline. Through this agenda, we all hope that SEESPA’s official placed people and their programs can help the major itself internally and externally for the better. Congratulations, and good luck SEESPA and Abhinaya Nawasena 2022/2023 period.

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