Nabila achieved the 2nd Runner-Up in an Online Speech Competition of NEC 10, Medan State University

Nabila Rizky Aryani, a 4th-semester student had won the 3rd winner of the Speech Contest at NEC (National English Competition) 10, Medan State University. In March 2022, @hmjbsifbsunimed (Eglish education organization of Medan State University) held a National English Competition such as Speech, Debate, Singing, Essay, etc. In specifically speech competition, there was only 1 round that will score the participants based on their video performances and their speech scripts. Nabila then sent her speech video on Instagram and her speech script to the committee.

After waiting for days, the day of the announcements had come, and she had won the 3rd winner speech competition in Varsity Levels receiving an e-certificate, e-money, and a trophy sent all the way from Medan. She competed Universities’ students around Indonesia, including UI, UGM, ITB, UNHAS, and Brawijaya University and Nabila had won representing the name of UNSRI. She in fact had already joined NEC 9.1 last year in her 2nd semester and won the 1st Runner-Up.

She had also disclaimed that she did not prepare the speech thoroughly due to other activities like an internship, although she was surprisingly lucky to actually be the 3rd winner. Nabila knew speech competition well enough that she did her speech video first and then her script which is outstanding to improve in your own structured words instantly rather than remembering the text as a usual method. In her Instagram post, she quoted, “I’m glad I fell, Last year I won 2nd, and this year I’m the 3rd. Sounds rather failing to others, but I’m glad that I can discover other activities rather than speech contests. My first speech award in 2022.”

From those sentences, Nabila does not always join speech contests, but also other competitions too such as debate contest at NUDC UNSRI. We hope that other students from English education and UNSRI can also join offline or online competitions during the pandemic to stay productive and innovative. (NRA)

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