Seespa Unsri Held Ramadhan Social Service Activities

Sunday, April 24, 2022. The Islam Religious division together with the social division of the Student of English Education Study Program Association (SEESPA) have carried out Ramadan social service activities in the form of distributing takjil and masks on the streets. This activity is carried out as one of the work programs of the division of the Islam Religious division and social division of the community with the aim of being a form of SEESPA’s concern for others.The Islam Religious division as the coordinator of the free takjil distribution has opened a voluntary general donation of infaq starting on April 9, 2022 until April 23, 2022, where all the proceeds of the donation have been bought for takjil food which is distributed to people on the streets in need.

The distribution of takjil has been carried out at Simpang 5 DPRD where the recipients are pedicab drivers, newspaper sellers, the elderly and motorcyclists who pass through the area. This activity also received a positive response from the community, where they were very grateful for an activity like this, of course, it helped them especially for those who felt very deprived. Along with the distribution of takjil, the social division of the SEESPA also participated in carrying out social activities in the form of distributing masks to people around the Simpang 5 DPRD.

During this Covid-19 pandemic, of course, the use of masks is very important for us, therefore the SEESPA community social division shows its concern for the society and as a form of compliance with government recommendations by distributing masks to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. This is expected to help in overcoming the problem of the spread of Covid-19 and make people aware to care about themselves by using masks.These activities are fully supported by students, lecturers and of course the study program. Mr. Hariswan Putera Jaya as the head of the English education study program also said, as long as the activities are good and useful, please carry them out and the study program will also support these activities.

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