Student admissions must comply with the principles of being credible, fair, transparent, flexible, efficient, and accountable and not discriminatory by taking into account the potential of prospective students and the specifics of higher education. Universities as education providers accept prospective students who have high academic achievements and are predicted to be successful in completing their studies at the university on time. Students who have high achievements and consistently demonstrate their achievements in secondary education deserve the opportunity to become prospective students through the National Selection for State University Admission (SNMPTN).

Within the framework of integrating secondary education with higher education, schools are given a role in the SNMPTN selection process. Schools as educational units and teachers as educators are assumed to always uphold honor and honesty which are the principles of character education. Therefore, schools are obliged to fill in the School and Student Database (PDSS) which contains a complete and correct track record of school performance and student academic achievement. PDSS is a database that is used as the main source of SNMPTN data. Management and data processing for the purpose of selecting the SNMPTN pathway is carried out by the Higher Education Admission Test Institute (LTMPT). LTMPT is the only institution that administers standardized higher education tests in Indonesia.

Further information about this can be accessed on the SNMPTN official website.