Second meeting of PK2MB: Welcome New Students.

Bachelor Program of Mathematics Education, Sriwijaya University has held its second meeting of PK2MB on August 21, 2021. This meeting discussed all administrations in deeper and more comprehensive ways. Opened by the program coordinator, Dr. Hapizah, M.T., this agenda started at 8 a.m. to 11 a.m.

The activities of the agenda were as follow:

  1. Academic guidance by Dr. Hapizah, M.T.
  2. SIMAK and administration by Nopiegtri, S.P.
  3. e-learning by Weni Dwi Pratiwi, S.Pd., and Scristia, M.Pd.
  4. Communication ethic and SOP by Elika Kurniadi, S.Pd., M.Sc. and Zuli Nuraeni, M.Pd.
  5. Website introduction by Jeri Araiku, M.Pd.

The participants were fervent, they posted a lot of questions regarding their future studies. It seemed like they were aiming for the Cumlaude title in 3,5 years. FUNtastic.

We wish all the students good luck in their education. Learn as much as you can, and more.

Watch full PK2MB second day here

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