General Lecturer: Continued Fraction Expansions with Dr. Cor Kraaikamp

The general lecturer organized by the mathematics education cluster FKIP Sriwijaya University is held as an academic activity which is held at least once every semester. General lecturer as a forum for increasing knowledge for students and developing human resources for lecturers in the mathematics education cluster of FKIP Sriwijaya University. The general lecturer with the theme Continued Fraction Expansions this time invited a guest lecturer from the Technische Universiteit of Delft, Dr. Cor Kraaikamp. This activity will be held on Monday October 16th, 2023 at 1.30 p.m. (GMT +7) takes place in the main FKIP hall of Sriwijaya University using a hybrid system. This activity was attended by the head of FKIP Sriwijaya University, Dr. Hartono, M.A. as Dean, Dr. Rita Inderawati. M.Pd. as deputy dean for academic affairs, Dra. Nyimas Aisyah, Ph.D. as deputy dean for general administration and personnel, coordinator of the Bachelor Programme in Mathematics Education (BPME), Master Programme in Mathematics Education (MPME), and Doctoral Programme in Mathematics Education (DPME), lecturers in the mathematics education cluster program at FKIP Sriwijaya University, and mathematics education cluster students who attended both face-to-face and online.

The event starts at 1.30 p.m. led by a BPME student named Cici Ratnanenci as Master of Ceremonies (MC). Welcome remarks were delivered by Mrs. Weni Dwi Pratiwi, S.Pd., M.Sc. as coordinator of BPME who welcomed Dr. Cor Kraaikamp, she told the students who attended the general lecturer to pay attention to the material presented by Dr. Cor Kraaikamp, apart from that, students are also given the widest opportunity to ask the invited lecturer about the material presented, where in learning this material, this concept is important for students. The event continued with the official opening of the event by the head of the faculty, FKIP Sriwijaya University. On this occasion the event was opened by the deputy dean for academic affairs, namely Dr. Rita Inderawati. In her opening speech, Mrs. Rita welcomed and thanked the invited lecturers who were present to provide general lectures for the mathematics education cluster academic community, and officially opened the event and advised all students to actively participate during the general lecture. Next, a prayer was read by a BPME student named Zaka Hk Oki, to express gratitude and wishes that the general lecturer event run smoothly and be beneficial for the academic community.

The main general lecturer event began moderated by Prof. Dr. Yusuf Hartono. He said that it was a valuable opportunity for students in the mathematics education cluster of FKIP Sriwijaya University to take part in a general lecturer event on Continued Fraction Expansions, because Dr. Cor Kraaikamp is an expert in this field and Dr. Cor Kraaikamp was his supervisor when he completed his dissertation in Delft. Prof. Yusuf said that Dr. Cor Kraaikamp can give a public lecture with a duration of one and a half hours followed by questions and answers with the students.

Dr. Cor Kraaikamp delivered material related to Continued Fraction Expansions with great enthusiasm and passion. The material he provided was very well prepared, full of useful information for students in studying mathematical material, such as decimal form, mobius transformation, various proofs related to theorems in Continued Fraction Expansions. The material he presented was very related to the courses taken by students, related to algebra, numbers, geometry and mathematics colloquiums.

After delivering the material for 1 hour and a half, it was followed by a question and answer session with students. The first questioner was Thomas, a 3rd semester student from BPME who asked about Mobius transformation and its relationship with continued fraction expansion. Dr. Cor Kraaikamp stated that Mobius transformation can be used for continued fraction expansion. Next, Dr. Cor said that if you want to know more about Mobius Transformation, he recommends books, journals and websites related to this matter. The next question was asked by Tegar who asked about Mobius transformation because there were still several things that were not understood. The third question was asked by Anisa Ramadona related to the material provided, and the next question was a lecturer from the mathematics education study program. Dr. Cor Kraaikamp explained enthusiastically and the activities were very interactive and communicative.

After the question and answer session was finished, a certificate of appreciation was given to the invited lecturer as an appreciation for providing useful material for the academic community. After giving the award certificate, the general lecturer event was closed by the MC.

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