Profile of the Doctorate Program on Mathematics Education

The Mathematics Education Doctoral Study Program FKIP Unsri was established on March 10th, 2016, based on the Directorate of Higher Education Decree No. SK No. 12/KPT/2016.

The idea to establish a Mathematics Education Doctoral Program was delivered by a number of lecturers especially the Program Coordinator of the Mathematics Education Department, Prof. Dr. Zulkardi, M.I.Komp., M.Sc. The main reason was motivated after the success of the International Master Program on Mathematics Education (IMPOME) in collaboration with Utrecht University and Unesa in 2010-2015.

Up to Januari 2021, the S3 program has been admitted to 20 doctorate students. Three of them have been graduated. The new doctors are Dr. Bambang Riyanto, Dr. Kiki Nia Sania Effendi, Dr. Muslimin

Berikut Profil Program Doktor Pendidikan Matematika FKIP UNSRI