Welcoming Speech

Coordinator of Mathematics Education Bachelor Program: Dr. Hapizah, S.Pd., M.T.

Welcome to the official website of the Mathematics Education Bachelor Study Program, Sriwijaya University. This website is intended to provide information owned by the study program to which can be accessed by students, lecturers, employees, alumni, prospective students, stakeholders, and the wider community. Hopefully with this website there can be good communication between the Study Program and the entire academic community and anyone who wants to know more about our Study Program.

The Sriwijaya University Mathematics Education Study Program was inaugurated on July 11, 1996 by the then Director General of Higher Education, Mr. Bambang Soehendro. The Sriwijaya University Mathematics Education Study Program has 2 campuses, namely the Indralaya Campus (for students graduating from SNMPTN and SBMPTN), and the Palembang Campus (for independent students).

The Sriwijaya University mathematics education study program is also equipped with three laboratories, namely a computer laboratory, a multimedia laboratory, and a workshop laboratory. Currently, the mathematics education study program is accredited A and is preparing to get the Superior (Unggul) and International accreditation.

The Mathematics Education Study Program at Sriwijaya University also manages a scientific journal for mathematics education known as Lentera Sriwijaya. In addition, the Mathematics Education Study Program also regularly holds a National Conference known as the National Conference on Mathematics Education (NaCoME).

In addition to the information above, there is a lot of information that can be explored on this website. Therefore, we invite readers to be able to view our website and ask questions if there is further information they want to know through the Contact US feature. We really hope for criticism and suggestions from visitors to this website for the improvement and progress of the undergraduate mathematics education program.

Finally, I would like to thank you for your attention, assistance and cooperation.

Have a great day.